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Family Fun Day

A big thank you to all you fellow islanders who came out to support the Family Fun Day on August 12th.  The joint fundraiser hosted by the Thetis Island Community Association and the Thetis Island Community Fund was a great success!  Our goal this year was to provide a family friendly, affordable and fun community gathering.  Thanks to the 100 or so folks who attended, we raised roughly $2,200, which will help TICA cover hall expenses and help the TICF support islanders in need of health care, education and senior care. 

The dunk tank was a great hit!  Special thanks to Kat Urton for enduring the dunk tank for several hours and Chad Kerr for taking a turn in the tank as well.  Bill Sharp was literally the coolest grandpa to attend the event as he perched himself on the unnerving seat and gave his grandchildren a chance to dunk him a few times.  Fun was had by all!

Thank you to all who donated prizes and pies, the balloon sale and silent pie auction were a great success.  Thank you, Cat Fielding and Aislinn Cottell for providing the fish tank and face painting activities.  Many laughs were had by kids, grandkids and grandparents during the games held in the school field.

A heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the Family Fun Day happen; Nicole Chiasson (lead organizer), Don Sinclair, Tricia Hunter, Chad Kerr, Ron Bannister, Matt Hess, Dee Smith, Ken Redman, Lynn Hunter, Anne-Marie Koeppen, Stephanie Cottell, our DJ Robin and many others who worked behind the scenes and chipped in to help during the event!

It may be too early to say but I think this island could use another Family Fun Day again next year!

Tricia Hunter

Vice-President, Thetis Island Community Fund




Laser Sailboat for Sale

For Sale: ‘Old-school’ Laser Sailboat $550

·         Built in 1980’s originally sailed at the Jericho Yacht Club in Vancouver.

·         Boat hull in good and sturdy condition. Great starter boat to learn to sail with your family.

·         Sail and mast in excellent condition- new sail purchased a few years ago and barely used.

·         Parts to be fixed/replaced: Boom will need to be repaired where the boom connects to the mast, small               repair required on rudder, and some lines are missing to properly rig the boat.

·         Please call Kelsey Baker if you have questions or would like to see it: 778-558-1457.


Saturday Market

Saturday market in the pavilion at the pub is still on till the Sept long weekend. 

Hope to see you there.


Boats & Swimmer Safety

Hey.  Wonderful summer we are all having.   Great to see so many folks having fun in the water.

I have a  request.  Could people in motor boats especially the water skiers please respect those of us who swim paddle etc off their properties near the public dock.   At the Cunningham road  properties there were about 10 or more swimmers and a  dog in the water and 3 different boats came in very close to those of us swimming.  We all are  swimmers in that area and many of us swim out to our mooring  buoys several times a day.

Thanks for your consideration.

Kathleen McGarvey

6 cunningham


Our Cat is Walkabout

Our 4 yr old tabby cat, Juniper, has been missing since early August.  Please keep an eye out for her, and contact us with any sightings.  

This is not an unusual length of time for a well-acclimatized cat in her own environment to be away, so we are still actively awaiting her return.

Many thanks

Ann & Bill Dickie 250-246-4079 


Noisy Fire Drill ~ August 23rd

The TIVFD will have a short training drill on chainsaw handling and cutting for our new FF members this coming Wednesday after 7pm. Although still in EXTREME Hazard, this training needs to take place and we will have the rest of the Fire Dept. and members standing by with the Fire Engine and charged hoses. Fire Dept. training is exempt from the High Risk Activities prohibitions because of the immediate Fire Dept. response on-site. However, we wanted you to know that you may hear a chainsaw intermittently between 7:30 and 8 pm on Wednesday coming from the gravel apron outside Central Hall. We are training hard to keep our community safe.

Thank you for your understanding and support.



Coastal Wildfire Newsletter ~ August 19th


Updated Busy Ferry Schedule

Please note that the Busy Ferry schedule has been updated to include Capernwray's upcoming school year traffic, and it is posted at


Pat Brown

On August 26th at Forbes Hall, there will be an afternoon Tea from 2-4 to celebrate long time resident of Thetis Island Pat Brown who died recently.

Val Brown wishes for those of us that knew Pat to come and join her for a cup of tea and a biscuit in Pat's honour. 

Any questions you can contact Gloria Taylor @250-246-3091



Media Notice - August 17, 2017

'Salish Sea Summer Splashdown'

Get Out & Enjoy Canada's Waters on the Labour Day Long Weekend

[CEDAR, BC] – The Salish Sea Trust is calling out to Canadians, inviting them to go for a swim, stroll in the shallows or a walk along a coastal beach, river or lake - to "get into" their heritage on the last long weekend of summer. 

"We're inspired by the Prime Minister's dip in the Salish Sea over the August long weekend", said Laurie Gourlay, Interim Director of the Salish Sea Trust. Prime Minister Trudeau enjoyed a paddle on the waters of the Salish Sea over the mid-summer long weekend, slipping into the salty coastal waters on a missed entry into his kayak.

"Whether it's a splashdown, getting into a canoe or boat, or just dipping your big toe in a stream or lake, we're inviting one and all to have fun on the last long weekend of summer," says Gourlay. "Over the Labour Day long weekend the Salish Sea Trust is encouraging our 15,000 supporters to get out with family and friends, and make a 'splash' - immerse themselves in the cultural and natural heritage of Canada's waters."

The Salish Sea Trust has submitted an application to the federal government to have the Salish Sea recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Citing the 10,000+ year history of the Coast Salish peoples and some 3000+ species of the Salish Sea, the submission details the outstanding universal values which local residents and international visitors regularly enjoy and benefit from. Successful applications will be announced in December by the Prime Minister.

"As Canadians get ready for school, and our daily schedules call us back to work, we should all enjoy one last fling of summer," said Gourlay. "Let's  kick up our heels, and enjoy our cultural and natural inheritance - our coastal waters, lakes and rivers all across the country!"

For more information,

Laurie Gourlay


Salish Sea Trust, Box 333, Cedar, B.C., V9X 1W1



Revised September Islands Trust Council Program Announcement


This Week at the Nature House

Nature House Open Hours

Friday, August 18th: 11 – 4PM

Saturday, August 19th: 11 – 4PM

Sunday, August 20th: 10 – 3PM

August 16

·        Women’s Paddle: 4-5PM

Meet at The Portal Beach with your boat (canoe, kayak, etc…) for a relaxing evening paddle. All skill levels welcome! Contact Vicki if you’re in need of a boat: 250-246-9126.

August 18

·        Seaweed/Algae Day: 1-3PM

We will be delving into the world of seaweeds and algae, highlighting their importance through various activities, demonstrations and crafts!

August 19

·        Butterflies & Bugs: 1-4PM

Don't know a swallowtail from a skipper?  A dasher from a darner?  Join biologist Patrick Lilley as he leads a walk through the forests and fields around the Portal in search of Thetis Island's largest and most colourful insects, the butterflies and dragonflies.  He'll talk about some of butterfly and dragonfly species found on Thetis, their life cycles, and their habitat needs.  Together, you'll learn how to catch, handle, and identify some of them.  Patrick will also talk about how you can improve habitat for butterflies and dragonflies on your property and why you might want to do so.  He'll also introduce some of the great resources out there for those who want to learn more.  Bring your butterfly net, a pair of binoculars, and a field guide if you have them!  (Don't worry if you don't---he'll bring some to share too.) We’ll start the afternoon with insect themed-crafts, and then begin the insect walk at 2PM!

August 20

·        Ocean Conservation and Beach Seine: 10-1PM

Join us for our second low tide day of the summer! This time we will include the theme of ocean conservation, with talks, demonstrations, and activities regarding the protection of our local waters. As well, we will be doing a low tide beach seine! Beach seines use a special net to catch all of the intertidal species which we can inspect on shore!

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