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Dec 8 ~ Christmas Concert

Dec 10 ~ Christmas Bazaar 

Dec 14 ~ TICA Bake Sale


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Stray Moggy

A very fluffy black Tuxedo cat (white toes and bib) has been around our Pilkey Point and Sunrise area, asking for food. Reasonably friendly. We have three of our own and are not in the market for a fourth. Any ideas where this one is from?



Ladies Night Thank You

A big thank you to all who came and enjoyed Ladies Night. Your kind donations to CWAV will assure that some families in the Cowichan Valley will have a easier time this holiday season.

Also a big thank you to all the ladies who created this evening: Petra Accipiter, Shirley Burr, Ruth Kempe and her family, Donna Stadt, Simone Luckham, Lynn Hunter, Cecilia Inness and last but not least Dee Smith.

Love you all, Gloria


Next Veterinary Visit

The forthcoming veterinary visit to Thetis Island will be on Wednesday, December 7th (Pearl Harbour).

For appointments please contact or 250 436 0045


Christmas Concert & Poem

Just a reminder that the Christmas Concert is at 7pm, Thursday Dec 8th at the hall and it is free of course.  As ever, Simone has put an awesome amount of effort into organizing an entertaining show.  For those people who were wondering, yes, I am doing a poem again.  It is a brand new one based on ancient history and called "The Lost Library of Alexandria".  It is the story of the famous library of Alexandria in Egypt that was founded by Alexander the Great as a tribute to his tutor Aristotle.  The poem is also about the legendary Queen Zenoubia of Palmyra in Syria who loved books and longed to possess the library.  Hope to see you all there!

Michelle Boehringer


Travel inquiry

Hi neighbours,

I'm hoping to travel from the lower mainland back to Thetis on Sunday, Dec.11 if I can find a fellow islander heading back to Thetis who could meet up with me in either Nanaimo or Victoria. Timing is flexible.

Please respond via email:


Another Wonderful Ladies' Night for the Books ~

A huge thank you to the women of the Thetis Island Candlestick Society for organizing this event.

We leave you with this:


Porter Family Property

You may have noticed that a locked gate has gone up at the Porter family property (former Camp Columbia). While it is intended that there be future licensed access on foot over certain trails, for now the property remains private with restricted access for reasons of liability.  Please respect any signage.  The family thanks the residents of Thetis Island for their patience while a plan is developed to permit access on this private property. Watch Espokes for future related notices.'


The steering committee


Soup's On ~ Wednesday, December 7th

Soup's On

Wednesday, December 7 at Forbes Hall - $5.00

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM or until the soup runs out - whichever happens first!

Take out if there is enough left over.

SOUP OF THE WEEK: Mushroom, with delicious Corn Bread

Assorted Baked Goodies

Pot of Gold Coffee (Thanks Nan), Tea, Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Cider

"The sudden appearance of mushrooms after a summer rain is one of the

more impressive spectacles of the plant world." John Tyler Bonner

December 14 - TICA will hold it's annual Baked Goods Sale at Soup's On. Goodie Donations for this Fund Raiser would be appreciated.

Spend the day at the Hall...Scottish Country Dancing 9:30, Soup's On, then Bridge at 1:00...everyone welcome to all events!


Seeking Interested Individuals for TICA Hall Expansion Committee

TICA, Thetis Island Community Association, is seeking additional individuals to be part of our Hall Expansion Committee.  Anyone with a serious interest and firm commitment is invited to contact the Board.

Please submit your interest in being selected for this exciting project to

Thank you!

TICA Hall Expansion Committee


TICA Annual Bake Sale

Annual Bake Sale will take place during Soup's On, Wednesday December 14th, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

WANTED! Christmas Baking for our Bake Sale on Wednesday December 14th                  

If you are willing to bake please email


Gutter Installer

I have booked Armstrong Installations to come to Thetis on December 16, 2016 to install gutters. My job will take a couple of hours. If you are interested in having gutter work done at this time you can contact Armstrong Cleaning & Installations at 250 743 3306.

Roy Parlette


Christmas Concert Helpers wanted

The concert program is coming along nicely, the line up is quite musical, with a bit of reading and Carol singing in between.   What I am missing is a Kitchen group. Basically a few people who will receive goodies, put them and cups on the cart and then bring it all out after the entertainment is over. If you think you would like to help out, please contact Simone Luckham 250 - 246- 4802 


And just in case you missed the details, the concert takes place at the Community Centre, Thursday, 8th of December at 7 pm. A plate of goodies to share and a non perishable food item for the food bank collection would be wonderful.

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