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TICA AGM - Thursday, April 25th - 7:30PM Forbes Hall

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TIID AGM - Saturday, April 27th - 11AM  

Thetis Island Elementary School

Forbes Hall Expansion

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Thetis Island Improvement District

Planned Changes to the Firehall


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Cherry Blossoms for the Picking & Garden Plants for Moving…

The Cherry Trees at Forbes Hall are bearing thousands of blooms.  If you’d like a bouquet to grace your home, please come up to the hall on Wednesday morning, 9:00 - Noon, and cut yourself some!  You’ll need secateurs.

The front raised garden bed adjoining the entry patio at Forbes Hall will be removed for construction. Please come up in the mornings from 9:00 - Noon, Wednesday through Sunday if you want to transplant any of its plants.  First come, first served (no trowel fights please).  


Camera Club

There will be no camera club this month, new location next month.

Carol Sowerby


Cedar Boards for Sale

Sale: Limited volume of freshly milled Thetis cedar lumber of various lengths, mostly 1 inch thick by 4 to 12 inches wide. 

Ideal for spring home or garden projects. 

Call Dave 240 246-3530.


School Orchards Africa Event

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 18 and join School Orchards Africa for a celebration of our community's achievements in Tanzania.

Dinner, Entertainment,  & Goods and Service Auction at Heneage House/ the Portal

More details to follow. 

The SOAS Team


Wanted: Concrete Cinder Blocks

Wanted: Looking for (one dozen or so) concrete cinder blocks.




Broom Removal

Broom should be cut when in flower, but before seeds are formed.   It typically blooms in May.   It is very important to cut at ground level, rather than pulling broom as seeds will germinate in disturbed soil.   Cut plants do not need to be burned, the plant is not toxic and no seeds are present on the plant.   

The plant may regrow from the root of well-established plants, but by re-cutting over a couple of seasons, the plant will weaken and die.  The most important thing is not to disturb the root ball or the ground around the plant seeds in the ground are not stimulated to sprout.

Carol Swann


Forbes Hall ~ Moving Sale

Please click on the image below for full size.

All items are posted at the hall.
Also: we are looking to re-home all the drapery/rails/hooks etc.  
Is there anyone out there that knows of an organization that could use them?
Please let us know ~
Ann Dickie



Forbes Hall ~ The Push is On!

10 days until we need to be moved out… 

Forbes Hall, long the heart of our community, needs your help now! 

There are light jobs, medium jobs, and jobs for brawn and skill.  All are important to completing the sorting, packing, moving, hauling & storage of all the equipment and pieces necessary to the pulse of Forbes Hall.

Let’s get it done, hand in hand 

  • Drop In Volunteers are needed for Organizing, Sorting & Packing on Tuesday through Friday this week. 
  • Siding Removal helpers are needed to help St. Margaret’s Cemetery & the Trails Committee remove exterior siding for reuse with other island projects. 
  • Sorters, Movers & Haulers are needed Saturday & Sunday this week.

Please contact Ann Dickie at 250-246-4079 to sign up for the sorting, hauling, and moving on Saturday & Sunday, or to help with siding removal.


Organizing, Sorting, and Packing:     

Tuesday         9:30 - Noon                                                

Wednesday   9:00 - Noon

Thursday       9:00 - Noon

Friday             9:00 - Noon

Sorting, Moving, and Hauling:          

Saturday        9:30 - 3:30 / 9:30 - 12:30 / 12:30 - 3:30

Sunday           9:30 - 3:30 / 9:30 - 12:30 / 12:30 - 3:30

Thanks in advance for your contributions of time & effort! 


Saturday - Get to the Point!

Walk, cycle or run around Thetis.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

8:30 - 9:45 am: Registration in the hall. Muffins, fruit and coffee will be available.

Pre-registered? Go directly to the merchandise table to get your Thetis Island merch.

Registering at the event? Bring completed form & payment (cash or cheque to TICA) to Forbes Hall between 8:30 and 9:45 am.

9:45 am: Make your way to the start line.

10:00 am: Walk begins.

Don’t miss this fun day for the whole family in support of the Forbes Hall Expansion project!

Visit www.thetisisland.net/tica/gttp2019.html to download registration form and for more information.


April 21 ~ Resurrection Sunday

Barry Friesen and the Capernwray choir will be leading worship. Bruce Campbell from Portland Oregon will be speaking. Coffee and donuts will be served. Everyone is welcome. Service starts at 10 am. 

Rodney for Thetis Island Community Church


Bannister Top Soil Orders Closed - Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who ordered top soil from the Bannister's in support of the Nanaimo Track and Field Club's annual fundraiser.

We have reached our maximum transport capacity so we are not able to take any further orders.


Spring Inventory Reduction

1)  Pair of 3 Ton vehicle jack stands........$35.00

  2)  Pair of 9000lb metal vehicle ramps....$30.00

  3)  Jet Equipment 1 Ton chain hoist L-90 series 15ft. lift.......$80.00

  4)  Jet Equipment 1 Ton chain hoist SCH series 20ft. lift.......$80.00

****Package Price**** (Above 4 Items)....$200.00

 5)  WARN Mdl. X8000i  vehicle winch.  8000lb. capacity.


       2"x2" class III receiver hitch cradle mount

        12 ft. hand remote control

        7 ft. copper power supply cables and connector  ( front mount )

        24 ft. copper power supply cables and connector ( rear mount )

        Battery main power supply isolation solenoid

        125 ft. 5/16" steel cable


***** All Items Are In " Very Good" to "As New" condition *****

E-mail Enquiries ....... ve7ssr@gmail.com 

Hugh Harvey

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