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Flu Shot Clinic ~ Friday, October 28th

Dec 3 ~ Ladies Night

Dec 8 ~ Christmas Concert

Dec 10 ~ Christmas Bazaar 


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Flu Shot Clinic ~ Reminder

The Annual ‘Flu Shot Clinic is this Friday, October 28th, at Forbes Hall from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. 

Please try to remember to bring your Health Number.  If your doctor wants you to get a pneumonia shot this year, that will also be available.

Don’t forget to wear a short sleeved shirt under your sweater…we are famous for the speed and efficiency our community exhibits to VIHA at this injection clinic. 

As in the past, a snack service hosted by the TIVFD Auxiliary will be available while you “recuperate”.



Woodstove for Sale and Ride Needed

Jotul wood stove for sale, price reduced to $850.

We are looking for a ride to Nanaimo on Friday Oct. 28th. Anytime in the morning until the 1:10 ferry. We will share fuel costs.

Ken and Genny Redman

Call 250-246-2465 or email


The Loop ~ Final Saturday

The loop will be a little shorter this Saturday, as the “Fair“ is closed for the season.

However, the Thetis Island “Market“ will be open for one more Saturday.

The Penelakut carvers will be there, Pottery, Baking, some produce, Jams and crafts. See you there.



Soup's On ~ Wednesday, October 26th

Wednesday October 26 at Forbes Hall

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM     $5.00

"Eye of newt and, toe of frog

Wool of bat and tongue of dog

Adders fork and blind worm's sting

Lizard's leg and howlet's wing

For a charm of powerful trouble

Like a hell broth boil and bubble"


The Soup of the Week is Halloween Pumpkin Delight (vegetarian) with Biscuits, followed by Cookies and Ice Cream,

Pot of Gold Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate


Message from the Bridge Club: drop by the Library at 1:00 PM and join in.


TIPC ~ Monday, October 24th ~ Forbes Hall ~ Everyone from the Thetis Island Community is Invited

THE COMMUNITY IS INVITED to celebrate the installation at Forbes Hall of a Recognition Medallion carved by Penelukut artist Gus Modeste.

The Medallion honours the agreement between Thetis Islanders and Penelakut leaders to invite the Cowichan Regional District to acquire the dock in Preedy Harbour. 

Monday, October 24th, 20016 ceremony begins at 1:15pm, refreshments.
Thetis Island Port Commission 
Carolyn Askew, Mel Dorey, Dave Knowles, Andy Lamb, Patrick Mooney, Chris Pegg, Joe Squire

Lawrence Nature Path ~ Photos

Here are some photos taken after the first workday on the trail.  Many thanks to Ralf Kempe for co-ordinating a team of willing workers!

Photos ~ Bill Dickie



Dr. Randle ~ Next Veterinary Day ~ October 26th

The next veterinary visit to the island will be on Wednesday, October 26th.

Please contact for an appointment.

Dr Martin Randle


Garbage & Recycling News

You may have noticed the new container at the Recycling and Garbage Yard (the RAGY as I like to call it)! It has arrived because we are in the process of testing a new and potentially more cost effective system for removing our baled 'MMBC eligible' recycled packaging  from Thetis Island. This new system involves a partnership with the CVRD and we are still in the early stages of exploring the arrangement. We don't expect this new system to affect how individuals sort and drop off their recyclables (other then to keep taxes as low as possible!).

Thanks to all of you for continuing to be such great participants in this community operated system!

Stephanie Cottell

Co-chair, TIRRA Solid Waste Management Committee


Ride to Departure Bay Ferry Needed ~ October 28th

We, Ken and Genny Redman, are looking for a ride to Departure Bay Ferry Terminal in Nanaimo on Friday October 28th, leaving Thetis Island anytime in the morning.

We would share gas costs.

Call us at 250-246-2465 or email us at


Unknown Dog at Large

We came across a dog unknown to us last night (around 9:30pm) on Kenwood road.

The dog was white huskyX type. We tried to see if it was wearing a collar and tags, but it wouldn't come close enough to us. Just putting the word out there if anyone is missing their canine companion!

Cheers, Steph Cottell


Free ~ Large Chest Freezer

Large old chest freezer

Still working but no guarantee how long.

Could also be used for a birdseed or animal feed bin.

45” wide  30" deep  37” tall

Nan Beals 246-4944


Ride to Nanaimo Wanted ~ Friday Oct 21

If anyone is travelling to Nanaimo on Friday  morning I would love to catch a ride to the  Departure Bay Ferry terminal.

Thanks Lynda Poirier


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