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Nov 30 2019


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Forbes Hall Concrete Pour ~ Wednesday, November 13th

Notice: 3 Concrete Trucks and a Pumper Truck will be coming to Thetis starting on the 7:10 out of Chemainus.

Thanks for your understanding!


Salmon, Salmon & Fresh Salmon

Silvia Wilson from Penelakut has delicious candied salmon, Alder-smoked salmon and fresh salmon from Skutz Falls and the river for sale. Please call her to order - (250) 210-7748
She will be at the Christmas Bazaar or you can arrange to pick up earlier.


Share Professional Carpet Cleaning?

If anyone on Thetis is considering having their carpets cleaned professionally, please contact Lucy Hayward at 250-246-2059 or 250-210-3035 with a view to reducing/sharing the call out costs.


Happy Eggs this Saturday

Happy Eggs this Saturday Nov 9th 10 to 5 Howling Wolf Farm Market


Marylyn & Chris


from the library...

I am still buying a few new materials.
Library patrons are borrowing from my house.
If you are exchanging materials between yourselves (yahoo) please let me know so I can update the library card.
New to the library:

The Temptation Of Forgiveness Donna Leon Mystery in Venice
Daisy In Chains Sharon Boulton Fiction Suspense
Women Rowing North Mary Pipper 305 Psychology Aging
Becoming Michelle Obama 920 Biography
Rocketman dvd Elton John
Mama Mia Here We Go Again dvd
Olive Ketteridge dvd
Still Mine dvd A Love Story

Librarian without a Library


Remembrance Day, Monday Nov 11

With Forbes Hall not available, this year’s observation will be a simple lowering of the flag ceremony to be held at the firehall on Mission Road at 11am. Get there a few minutes early.

Those wishing for a more complete ceremony, there is the Chemainus Remembrance Day ceremony at 10:45 am at the Chemainus Memorial Cenotaph 9799 Willow Street, which will be followed by an open house at the Chemainus Legion.  Food, beverages and entertainment is being offered.


Item For Sale - Food Grade Water Container

I am in Victoria but have an item for sale that may interest someone living on Thetis Island. It is a food-grade water container with a lid, and it is specifically rated to hold reverse-osmosis water without leaching chemicals from the plastic into the water. I am hoping someone homesteading may need a container like this as it was expensive and I would like it to go to someone who can use this for their home or cabin. The dimensions are 27.5" tall without the lid and 28" with the lid. The diameter is approximately 21.75" with the top being slightly wiser at 22.75". The lid diameter is 24". It holds approximately 38 gallons leaving some space at the top.  I'm asking $30.00 and I can be contacted through 2winterbarren@gmail.com.

Images may be seen at http://thetisisland.net/notices2006.htm#HOUSEHOLD


Empty Pickup and Utility Trailer to Lower Mainland

Empty pickup and utility trailer leaving Thetis on Wed Nov 13 to the lower mainland (Langley). You're welcome to use if needed.




Need Some Painting Done Before the Holidays?

If anyone is needing the services of some excellent painters in the next while I am happy to recommend Nick and Nat. They will be visiting Thetis after completing a job in Duncan and will be available to start a new job by Nov 28th.

Anyone interested please check out www.nickandnatpainting.com

They also have an ad in kijiji under Nick&Nat Painting.

Glenda Petersen


Gift Basket Donations

Are you a local artist, craftsman or creator? The Cowichan Valley Earth Guardians crew is hosting their event Youth get Charged UP! later this month on November 29th. The event will have faceprinting, youth performers, music, food and informational booths for non-profits and youth centred organizations with the intention of supporting the involvement of youth in environmental and social activism and volunteerism in our community. At this event there will also be a silent auction/basket draw. 

If you are interested in supporting Earth Guardians then consider making a donation or a gift basket or a item/s for a gift basket for the silent auction/basket draw. Ideal donations would include small artworks/pieces, cards, soap, preserved goods and other items that may have a natural theme.

If you want to make a donation then please contact Cowichan Valley Earth Guardians  co-leader Katia Bannister at bannister.katia@gmail.com 


Philosophers' Cafe

Monday, November 25, 7:00 p.m.

Heneage House, The Portal

Does art have a purpose? Or purposes? Should it engage with social and political issues? If so, how? We’ve heard the phrases “art-for-art’s-sake” and “art-for-life’s-sake,” and some who might say, “Just give me art, for God’s sake.” The Classical writers often suggested that the aim of art was to teach and delight. Kafka was of the view that a novel  should be an axe to break the ice that encases us. Should art, then, comfort the troubled and trouble those who are too comfortable?

We’re hoping that you’ll want to share your thoughts about how art engages with the pressures of reality, whether it’s war, drowning climate refugees, the approaching extinction of wild Pacific salmon and resident killer whales, poverty, pollution, racism, zenophobia. If would be great if you could bring along a very short piece of writing or music or art that engages with an issue important to you and share it with the group.

NB: The earlier Mondays in November were impossible for both Ken Redman and me, so please excuse the shift in time. This needn’t affect our subsequent meetings.

Gary Geddes

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