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Welcome to the Thetis Island Ferry Advisory Committee Information Page.

General Information

BC Ferries has been engaged in public consultation with ferry dependent communities since 1993.

The FAC is a volunteer committee. The role of the FAC is to act as a liaison between islanders and BC Ferries. The FAC does not work for the ferry corporation, nor do we get any free perks, we are just local island people trying to protect and improve our island link to Vancouver Island. Our aim is to provide a conduit for islanders to raise issues with BC Ferries and for information to be shared between BC Ferries’ management and island residents on day-to-day ferry operations, planned improvements to terminals and broader policy issues, such as the tariff and the corporate strategic plan.

Thirteen Ferry Advisory Committees represent the communities served by BC Ferries. Committees are appointed in cooperation with local governments, the Islands Trust and First Nations. The Committees meet officially a minimum of twice a year and more often as the need arises.

This new Ferry Advisory Committee has been appointed to serve for a period of three years, ending in 2014. All members of the Committee were newly appointed in 2012.

Local Thetis Island Committee Members:

Sue French: ph: 250-416-0373; email: french270@seaside.net

Steve Frankel: ph: 250-246-2099; email: frankel@island.net

Arthur Hunter: ph: 250-246-6722; email: hunter@imembers.ca

Keith Rush Co-Chair: ph: 250-416-0013; email: keithrush17@gmail.com

Ken Hunter: ph: 250-246-9909; email: davincii@telus.net

Past Ferry Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes: http://www.bcferries.com/about/publicconsultation2/FAC/ctiki/

Ferry Advisory Committee Terms of Reference: Revised - October 28, 2009


To represent residents of the community in a consultative relationship to BC Ferries.

To bring forward local ferry service issues and concerns identified by residents of the community to BC Ferries.

To provide feedback on local ferry service to residents of the community.

To advise BC Ferries, on behalf of residents of the community, on long-term planning issues for local ferry service in relation to community planning.

To advise BC Ferries, on behalf of residents of the community, on effective ways for BC Ferries to communicate local ferry service issues to residents of the community (e.g. the media, direct mail and public meetings, etc.)

To advise local residents of BC Ferries’ long term plans and priorities, for example vessel/service strategy changes.



Members are appointed in cooperation with local communities.


Members should represent customers and stakeholder interests (e.g. local governments, First Nations, students, seniors, commercial/economic interests, such as tourism, Chambers of Commerce and Ratepayers’ Associations, and other community groups and organizations).

BC Ferries reserves the right to directly solicit and appoint member(s) to represent interests it feels are not adequately represented on the committee.

Employees and Board members of BC Ferries are not eligible for appointment to a Ferry Advisory Committee during their employment or for a period of two (2) years following the date at which they cease employment with the company or membership on its Board of Directors.


Members serve for a term of three years.

Members who resign are requested to do so in writing to the Chair of the FAC and the Marine Superintendent with a copy to the Manager of Community Relations.

A new member may be appointed by the Chair (in consultation with BC Ferries) of the FAC to serve the remainder of the term of the member who has resigned.


The Manager of Community Relations or their delegate is the key support person to the Marine Superintendent in the management and administration of the FAC process.

Members are responsible for attending all committee meetings.

Members and BC Ferries will work collaboratively and seek constructive solutions for both the community and BC Ferries.


BC Ferries will provide the necessary background information for members’ consideration of local ferry service issues and to assist members in their response to questions.  

BC Ferries will respond to FAC’s advice on local ferry service issues either by incorporating the input and/or by explaining in writing why the input was not incorporated.

FAC formal communications with BC Ferries should be directed to the Marine Superintendent with a copy to the Manager of Stakeholder Relations.


Each year the FAC nominates a chairperson to formally liaise with BC Ferries.

Decision Making Process  

The FAC ensures that ferry service issues are discussed thoroughly and all major points of view are represented and explored. General consensus is normally needed for the FAC to advise BC Ferries on a local ferry service issue.

Meeting Process  

Notice of a meeting will be provided two weeks in advance.

The agenda for meetings is jointly set by the Chair of the FAC and the Marine Superintendent. The Chair may consult FAC members prior to setting the agenda. The agenda is finalized and adopted at the beginning of each meeting.

BC Ferries will take action minutes of the meeting. Minutes are not verbatim, but rather, a recorded summary of actions. Action minutes are approved by the Marine Superintendent and the FAC Chair as soon as possible after the meeting.

FAC meetings may be made open to the public with proper public notification. Presentations from members of the public or representatives of organizations are welcome, provided such presentations have been scheduled with the Chair prior to the meeting. Presentations are made at the beginning of the meeting, are limited to five minutes each, and together take no more than 30 minutes at any one meeting.

The FAC meets at least once a year, and may meet more often if required.


BC Ferries will provide meeting materials and facilities.

BC Ferries will reimburse FAC members for pre-approved expenses incurred for regular FAC meetings. Travel and accommodation must be arranged by BC Ferries.

Expenses incurred outside of regular FAC meetings must be approved in advance by BC Ferries.

There is no remuneration to members for serving on the FAC.