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Passing Pedestrians...

Thetis Island pedestrians are doing a great job at wearing bright clothes and walking on the left, facing traffic.

However, some drivers seem not to be aware that when they see a pedestrian coming toward them, the driver must slow down and only pass the pedestrian if it is safe to do so.  

It is not safe to maintain your speed and pull into the oncoming lane and expect the oncoming driver to slow or stop to avoid a head-on collision.  

I have some great dash-cam footage from after Soups On of a driver doing just that; pulling out and around a pedestrian with a small child and a baby stroller expecting the oncoming car in the opposite lane to stop.  Had there been an incident, the driver pulling out into the opposite lane would have been entirely at fault.  But who wants a crash!  

Fire Chief J. Caldbeck,
Thetis Island Fire Dept.


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