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Family Fun Day

August 11th ~ Forbes Hall

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August 25th ~ Forbes Hall

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Forbes Hall Expansion

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It is not just the Thetis Island Fire Dept., it is the Province that has banned campfires and outdoor burning, which includes fireworks.:

"Anyone found in contravention of a fire prohibition may be fined up to $1,150. If your fire escapes and results in a wildfire, you may be fined anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million and be sentenced to one year in prison.

Also Prohibited along with campfires and open burning:

Burning barrels and burning cages

Fireworks,  sky lanterns  ("fireworks" includes cannon crackers, fireballs, firecrackers, mines, Roman candles, skyrockets, squibs, torpedoes and any other explosive designated as a firework by regulation.)

Binary exploding targets”

Please inform your visitors that fireworks are prohibited.  There were several calls made to 911 to report fireworks being set off on Thetis recently and the police boat was dispatched.  The TIVFD thanks the community for its fire safety vigilance and urges the non-compliant to be aware that the community is not happy with your recent actions.

CSA or UL Approved PROPANE campfire appliances are still allowed at this time, as long as the flame is set to less than 15 cm or 6 inches in height. 


Fire Chief J. Caldbeck, LAFC

Thetis Island Fire Dept.

Box 14-6, Thetis Island, BC

V0R 2Y0

Chief cell:  250-252-0544

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