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Thetis Island Marine Association

AGM OCT 19 ~ 7:30PM ~ Forbes Hall

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Christmas Bazaar ~ Dec. 2nd ~ Forbes Hall

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Ladies' Night ~ Dec 9th ~ Forbes Hall

Christmas Concert ~ Dec. 14th ~ Forbes Hall

Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

Forbes Hall Expansion

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Thetis Island Farm Producers
Thetis Island Community Fund
Thetis Island Community Association

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Free: U-Pick Crabapples


For Sale: Small Chest Freezer & Pier Blocks


Wanted: Water Bath Canner


Wine Bottles for Sale


what's available at jollity farm this week?


Telegraph Harbour Bench Book & Binoculars gone?

The Bench Book and Binoculars (have been on the Bench for 8 summers!) were noticed missing early on the 14th August.
They have gone Walkabout in the past, but always returned, usually taken to one of the Marinas, as found property!!
Has anybody seen them??
Thank you, 
Michael & Doreen Ferguson (on behalf of Mom & Dad)


Cell Holes & Smoke Sightings


Telegraph Harbour Marina Fire Lane

Last Sunday the TIVFD responded to a medical call at the Sunday Market at Telegraph Harbour Marina.  The Fire Lane behind the marina is clearly marked with NO PARKING - FIRE LANE signage.  Many vehicle drivers ignored the signs and parked on the lane anyway.  The TIVFD Rescue barely squeaked through... the FRs driving the Rescue said that there was less than an inch clearance on either side, and they had to drive at a crawl to get past the cars without damaging them or the Rescue.  This added extra time to getting medical aid to the patient.  Thank goodness it wasn't a cardiac arrest we were called to!  And had it been a fire, there would have been no way to get the fire engine down that lane. 


There is a very serious reason why it needs to be kept clear.... YOUR SAFETY AND HEALTH!  Keep the Fire Lane clear at ALL times. 

Fire Chief J. Caldbeck, Thetis Island Volunteer Fire Department


The Dog Days of August...

No matter which dates you refer to, the Roman dates or the Old Farmer’s Almanac, we are in them.  Enjoy these quintessential gulf island summer days with dusty bare-feet and mouthfuls of sun-ripened tomatoes & blackberries as dragonflies lazily fly by.


Summer Soiree & Art Auction ~ August 11

The second annual Summer Soiree & Art Auction was a tremendous success. More than 100 people came to bid on over 180 pieces of art and pottery. With appetizers offered and a bar stocked with a lovely selection of wines and ales, folks were given ample time to peruse the art and make their bids.  A fabulous dinner was served in the tennis court with musical entertainment by Zandra Burns and Michael Palmer-Booth, a Vancouver singer/songwriter who is the son of the late Cdr. Philip Sydney Booth, formerly of Thetis Island. 

To view more photos (courtesy of Kelly Bannister) please click here.


Thank you to all...

The Summer Soiree and Art Auction was a big success!

Thanks to everyone who contributed art, easels, service items and other goodies for auction, bought tickets, sold tickets, catalogued art, set up ‘ Forbes Gallery’, bid on the art, prepared and cooked the delicious meal, poured the wine, sang and strummed the guitar, set up, cleaned up, mopped up and counted the money. Thank you, thank you, from the folks at the Thetis Island Community Fund and the Thetis Island Community Association.

Ellen Rush


Attending BC Ferries AGM ~ looking for local input...

I will be attending the BC Ferries AGM next week in Vancouver representing the Thetis Island FAC.  The Ferry Advisory Committee Chairs has a number of meetings scheduled, including one with ferry commissioner Gordon Macatee.  He has requested that each FAC chair speak to their local issues…so, at the risk of a deluge of information, I am seeking some input from you folks.  Each chair will have less than 5 minutes, so it will have to be short and to the point.

Some examples would be:

Gaps in the schedule: 10:35 to 1:20 leaving Thetis, 9:45 to 12:45 leaving Chemainus. Penelakut has similar gaps as well, 5:00 to 7:20 leaving Chemainus, 7:45 am to 10:15 am leaving Penelakut, and arriving in Chemainus from Penelakut 2:10 to 4:50 PM.  

Ability to maintain the schedule…in the morning particularly.

Lack of potable water on the ship…I know it is Chemainus water, and is fine to drink…but that is not what the signs say.

Timeliness of service notices…

Over length fares…

The continued need for commuter runs in the morning and evening.

Thanks in advance for your comments…

Keith Rush Ph: 250-416-0013

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