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July 1st Pancake Breakfast ~ Forbes Hall

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Canada Day Sail Past ~ July 1st

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Nature House Grand Opening ~ July 1st & 2nd

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Family Fun Day ~ August 12th

Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

Forbes Hall Expansion

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Thetis Island Community Association

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Take the Loop

Good Morning! Don’t forget to take the loop to markets today!


Boat for Sale

For Sale: 10ft Misty River Aluminum boat. $450.00 OBO

Call Bill@ 604-240-1798


Kids with Bikes on Our Roads

Hello Islanders! Thetis Elementary School wishes to let our community know that from June 6th-June 21 our young students will be participating in a bicycle skills and safety program.

Most of the training will take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (approximately 10-11:30 am) at the following locations: On June 6th and 8th the students will be using the school and community centre grounds. On June 13th and 15th the students will be using Capernwray property so they will briefly be on the roads between the school and Caperwray.

On June 21st (Wed) morning (approximately 10am-noon) there will be a "family ride" with many adults and youngsters on bikes riding parade style. The route will begin and end at the school, with bikers traveling north on North Cove Rd, left on Forbes Rd, left on St Mary's Rd to Capernwray and then back to the school via the trails to North Cove Rd.

The school community with aid of the TIVFD will do our best to have signage and traffic cones marking our route and drawing attention to our kids on bikes. The RCMP Ladysmith Detachment has been informed of our plans and invited over for June 21st. We thank you in advance for your patience and we ask for your extra caution in driving in these areas on these dates for the safety of all as we learn to share the road.

Feel free to contact a school staff member (250-246-9632) or parent Kelly Bannister (250-246-9753) with any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Campfire Permits ~ Online Only

If you require a fire permit for camp fires, or other means, please  make your application online.  The Solid Waste Site and our volunteers are dealing with heavy volumes this time of year, and will no longer be able to issue fire permits.

We are also in need of more volunteers during these next very busy months. If you can spare just a couple of hours a week we would appreciate deeply  it.

Thank You,

Steve Frankel, Chair




Galiano Island Playground

There is a contest by BCAA to give $100,000 towards a new school playground. The school on Galiano Island is in the final round of top 10 candidates and is hoping to be a winner. Those of us involved in getting the new school playground here on Thetis a few years will know how hard it is to raise that money on a small Island and how important a proper school playground is to the lives of our kids. Please consider taking 10 seconds of your time to place your vote at the following link and make a difference for our neighbours on Galiano. Thank you!


Canada Day Sail Past & Water-Balloon Fight

Hello to all you lovers of sun and summertime fun.

Just want to let everyone know that the Canada Day sail past and the waterballoon fight are on again this year!

For everyone that would like to join in the frolicking, the boats will be leaving Thetis Island Marina at about 1:30 pm, so fill your balloons and see how good your throwing arm is!

Also on Canada day (with the good graces of Mr. Don Hunter) there will be a potluck dinner and live music at Hunters Beach, so whip up your favourite potluck dish and come join us for all the yummy creations!...dinner will be around 6:30 pm.

All musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and join in with all the other talented folk that come to the beach for this excellent day! 

On a side note...we ask that no glass be brought to the beach...too many bare feet running around.

Hope to see you all there!...and if you can't join us,I hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are!!!

Thanks for your time,

Cat :)


Henny Look ~ Contact Info

Henny Mook


101 - 1211 Cloke Road

La Rosa Gardens


BC V9G 2B6


Take care

Mary Forbes 


Chemainus Terminal Re-surfacing

Please be advised that as part of the life extension project currently underway at Chemainus Terminal, BC Ferries will be conducting asphalt resurfacing on the ramp and trestle. This work is planned to commence on Tuesday June 6 when asphalt removal will be begin. The ramp is expected to be fully resurfaced by Tuesday June 20. The work will be conducted around the sailing schedule during normal weekday hours. Please note, there is a potential for minor sailing delays as a result. Please follow the direction of staff to ensure safe and efficient movement around the terminal.

BC Ferries would like to thank its customers for their patience and understanding while these necessary improvements are completed.

For traffic updates or more information please call us toll free at 1-888-BCFERRY (223-3779) or check our website at

Keith Rush Co-Chair, Route 20 FAC

Ph: 250-416-0013

Cell: 250-732-2766


Horse Found

Thank you so much to the Buhr family for hosting our horse Diva (who is apparently very well well named!) in their yard this morning.  She is home safe and sound and hopefully without further drama.

If she damaged anyone's property in her romp please contact us directly and we will do what we can to remediate.  250-246-9717.

Thank you again to everyone that helped out.

Ellen McClellan


Horse at Large

One of our horses went through the fence last night from the Frasers’ place (across from Capernwray on North Cove Rd).

We've scanned the area but now have to wait until it's light out.

If you see her please call us at 250-246-9717.

She's only been here a day so she'll probably be skittish.  Is definitely food-motivated though.

Ellen McClellan


Free Recliner

Free Retro Recliner

Works great.

Please contact by email:


Free Project Boat

FREE:  21 ft fiberglass project boat. Please call Sue Vanderhoef 250-246-2813 or email: for more information or pictures.

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