December 2016 ~ Island Memories

Photo by Kelly Bannister

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Gypsy Dancers of the Salish Sea

Thursday evenings 7:30 pm at Forbes Hall are alive with the beauty of belly dance! Under the instruction of Halaki (Charlotte Aaberg), community members of all ages (from 10 to 70+ years) have been enjoying learning this ancient dance form in a fun and supportive atmosphere. 

Belly dance (Raks Sharqi) has roots in many cultures and various styles are practiced around the world.  Probably due to the “Hollywood flare” given to belly dance in the early 1900’s, the greatest misconception about belly dancing is that it is intended to entertain men.

Throughout history, this traditional dance has most often been performed for other women, generally during fertility customs or parties preparing a young woman for marriage. In most cases, the presence of men was not permitted.

The costumes are often colorful, flowing garments, accented with flowing scarves, shawls and veils. Belly dancers wear exotic jewelry, including intricate belts made of coins that, in earlier days, comprised the family's wealth so that it might be portable in the event the woman needed to move quickly or flee.

Today belly dance has evolved into a fusion of different forms and characteristics.  It is a communal dance for fitness, fun and frivolity!

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