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Following a mosquito infested summer of 2014, TIRRA and members of the Thetis Island Community started to research and offer ideas for Mosquito Control so that we can enjoy our beautiful Thetis summers.  This list of documents, measures, and ideas informs us of what is being done, what could be done in the future, and what we can all do to help in controlling this pest.  Any tips or information you want to share, please send to editor@thetisblog.net.


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New Flapper Valve has been installed ~

On May 7th, the new flapper valve was installed on the culvert under Pilkey Point Road by the lagoon near the end of Marina Drive.  This will help to manage mosquito populations.  Thanks to Andy Newall, area manager for M.O.T., Grant Gordon, Don Hunter, Ian Ralston, and Wilf Scheuer.

Stu Downey


Mosquito Larvae Tips from TIRRA

With recent rains and current warm temperatures, now is the time to start checking around your home and property for mosquito larval habitat.

• Look for standing water in old tires, buckets, tarps, boats, anything that can hold water. Empty or drain the water out.

• Refill your birdbath with fresh clean water.

• Cover or screen rain barrels.

• Check your gutters for blocked or partially blocked downspouts. Clean your gutters so there is no sludge or decomposing material that larvae feed on.

Mosquitoes can lay hundreds of eggs in less than an inch deep of water. It takes about a week for the larvae to hatch. Shallow water can warm up quickly in the sun and provide perfect habitat for mosquitoes to lay eggs over and over again in the same location, multiplying the nuisance.

TIRRA Executive


Thetis Island Field Visit & Action Plans 


Mosquito Report TIRRA AGM March 26, 2015