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Send us any information you would like to share, or have discussed, regarding the Telus Cell Tower Proposal.

Please note: Comments are not directly enabled.  Please submit comments, letters, etc via editor@thetisposts.ca

Editor's Note:

At this time, the proposal is for the tower.  However, it will be providing either 3G or perhaps 4G Cell Network capabilities to align with towers currently operating in the region.

Please read the proposal, view the mapping & graphics, and most importantly, download, complete, and send in the comment form.

Provided Links:

Click here to view Telus proposal.

Click here to view Telus graphics & comment sheet.

Click here to view Telus mapping.


Radiocommunication Act

CPC-2-0-03 — Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems

Research on Radiofrequency Energy and Health

Safety of cell phones and cell phone towers

Safety Code 6: Health Canada's Radiofrequency Exposure Guidelines


TCTP: Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: William Golley

Dear Editor,

Below please find another submission for the discussion. Please leave comments turned on.  

Confirmation bias : noun , the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.  I recognize that this is a human trait and that I am not immune from it. Therefore I have lately strived to read and understand as much of the information posted by others to try and arrive at a balanced view.  I do this with a critical eye backed up with what I know about science.  

It is a difficult process though and obstacles such as paywalls which demand upward of 50 USD per article stymie the process. The paywall alone could make one question the veracity of the article or paper. But I did plow through as much as I could and I came to this conclusion. There is as much research finding harm from electromagnetic energy as there is research finding NO harm. Therefore the alarms raised about health effects are rather moot especially in light of the Canadian standards which specify emission rates which may be 10 to 100 times less than US standards. US articles seems to be the most cited of late.  

Some of the articles cited by residents border on the ridiculous though. I refer you to a YouTube video previously linked by a Thetis Islander.  

5g apocalypse The Extinction Event


In the writer’s posting it was hoped that this info was not true.  My opinion is that all of the information in the video is untrue and fabricated.   But in fairness I would like those reading here to actually watch this video but I warn you that it will be one hour and seventeen minutes of time you will not get back.  Their expert, Mark Steele, at one point in the video is describing a circuit board and identifying it as a 5g transmitter, clearly not of recent technology and appears actually to be a circuit board from a burnt out microwave oven. He continues, being unable to cite power level units for exposures and refers to millivolt levels rather than watts per unit area.  I could go on but the video also makes references to chemtrails and other conspiracy theory subjects. Many video comments by others who actually work in the industry are taken completely out of context. More interesting is the actual author of the video, Sasha Stone, who is a former rock musician who envisions a new age utopia for the earth.  If you explore the selection of videos under his New Earth Project, which should appear below the 5g video, you will find that he also has an inordinate interest in ET contacts, crop circles, chemtrails and the theory of a hollow earth.

Popular as well is the study regarding the wellbeing of tadpoles exposed to cell signals linked by another resident.   


I found the actual paper after much searching and found the 4 page paper to be seriously flawed in a number of ways. But the main flaw is that they cite the two separate aquariums had identical conditions but they do not comment on their efforts or analysis that ensured the conditions were actually the same. No mention of temperature, ph, clarity or any other factors important to tadpole development are discussed. They talk of measuring the radiated signal but decline to say where the signal strength was obtained, inside or outside the glass.  A proper controlled experiment of this nature should have used a common source of water with identical nutrients flowing through both aquariums with a barrier to prevent mixing of the populations with the only variable being the faraday cage. This was not discussed and the poor outcome of the one population could have been caused by many other factors. This experiment would not have won any elementary school level science fair awards.  

For those still reading here, please do your research, read as much as you can with an unbiased eye. If you do not understand some concepts do more research and educate yourself. Tutorials abound regarding electronic and radio transmission principles.  

My main “take away” from this exercise is that claims about dangers to health are unfounded, as I stated earlier, “There is as much research finding harm from electromagnetic energy as there is research finding NO harm”.  You might come to the same conclusion as I did if you do look deeper. Many good links appear at the head of the thread especially the link to “Safety Code 6” and it makes for a reassuring read.  Remove your “conspiracy theory” goggles and peruse it well.  

I still maintain that this proposal will add a much needed backup communications tool to help the safety and well-being of the islands citizens during times of natural emergency or other emergent moments such as house fire or medical events. Please take a moment to remember how stressful it was to be without reliable communications during the wind event last winter. Also imagine the stress that members of emergency service agencies must have felt with the absence of comms during that time.  Go to the site of the new firehall and check your signal strength there.  Now picture the mayhem if wildfire or earthquake were to occur and take out the highly vulnerable wired systems yet again. Wireless systems such as those proposed are much more robust and have been historically able to function when other systems are damaged. This reliability gives me great peace of mind.  

You will also note that my name is below and I will never hide behind the anonymity of unsigned flyers posted in the mail.  

Please, if you feel this proposal will enhance our quality of life here on Thetis Island please make your support known to Peter Luckham pluckham@islandstrust.bc.ca or Doug Fenton dfenton@islandstrust.bc.ca 

William Golley

And for those who would like to see an independent review of safety code six. 



For those who would like to read more about the technology here is a link to a rather good explanation of EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields)



TCTP: Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: Rebecca Andison


TCTP: Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: Wayne Loiselle

Click here to access Health Posting.


Comment: Thank you for the article by Karen J Rogers which points out the high standards that Canada requires for radiation exposure from cell phone towers. (Second to last paragraph page one). The data Ms Rogers quotes is mostly US based and is out of date , the earliest quoted from 1985 and the latest from 2001.
I refer you to the link on the main page to Safety Code 6, which uses more up to date data and indicates where Canada obtains the information to uphold our high standards.

Dr Michelle Sutter MD FRCS(C)



TCTP: Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: Virginia Lamb

I for one would like to see the vastly improved service this would provide our Island.

I add the American cancer society’s take on the risks of cell towers and phones.  I found it quite informative.

Virginia Lamb



Thanks for that Virginia. Finally a link to a great article from a credible source.

William Golley


Written words on the wall of the waiting room in the Calgary Cross Cancer Clinic suggest that if you live to be 90, there is a 50 percent chance you will contract cancer from natural exposure to radiation, few cosmic rays, x-rays, mostly UV rays, which the earth has built an ozone layer to protect us from. Microwave are one order below UV rays on the radiation spectrum, sure a milder dose, but nevertheless incremental. You do the math.

Denis Gagnon


OK Denis. Let’s do the math. Microwaves are in the region of 3 gigahertz. Or 3 billion cycles per second. Near UV starts at around 300 terahertz or 300 trillion cycles per second. Tera is one thousand times giga and 300 is of course 100 times times 3 so UV has a frequency that is 100,000 times higher than microwaves. Or using your terms 5 orders more, not one. Even the new 5g frequencies are only 10 times higher than microwaves (4g) so 4 orders in that case. Assuming an order means a factor of 10 times of course. It seems we have a long way to go before we encounter the ionizing frequencies listed by the cancer center. Visible light falls across the Near UV band. Should we be fearing visible light now?

William Golley


According to the Cross Cancer Clinic, YES!

Denis Gagnon


I believe and I do hope that democracy will win in the end. That said I am mystified by concerns that the community plan has been violated or that this is happening without our consultation.

Clearly TELUS is taking the first baby steps here firstly by announcing the project and then asking for input.

To my knowledge no construction or property modifications have taken place. Certainly a zoning modification has to be proposed and approved as well.  The tower is in the far future and we will have ample time to prepare arguments both anti and pro. 

William Golley


TCTP Contribution to Cell Tower Discussion: Dawn Gordon

Hello Thetis Island Blog Moderator: 

I am respectfully requesting that you post the link to this site or the attached document on the harmful effects of EMF. 


Martin Pall PHD Document

I am horrified by this divisive issue that will spoil the tranquil nature of our island and our friendships.  And I am horrified with the thought of a tower less than 1 km from my home.  I left the field of computers, I was a systems technician for FortisBC (then WKP and Utilicorp), when the EMF's from working with and around so many computers continually had exhausted my spirit and my body, and for the last 20 years I have studied how to become well naturally.  

I literally cry in the morning to see how far we have come from real food, real connection to the land, to each other and the ability to take responsibility for our own actions and purchases each and every day.

I do not like controversy, but here I go anyway.  I am against every aspect of this and yes I have enjoyed the convenience of a cell phone and I am now seriously questioning owning one, thinking of connecting my old fashioned wired phone again and removing my wireless modem.  Yes unfortunately I allowed a SMART meter, but I did not know then what I believe I know today.

This is the most frightening technological advance ever made against humanity.  Life will change on planet earth in ways we can't even imagine. No wonder they made us read George Orwell's book 1984 in school.  Seems it was more than a novel... 

I hope you all take some time to look past the daily convenience of your cell phone - look at the very real dangers of rolling out a completely untested system, look at what the muzzled scientist are saying, look at what the brave, courageous doctors that speak out.   

I think you now know where I stand and I encourage anyone who cares about your children and grand children's health and well being to say no to this new technology.  Faster is not always better.

Dawn Gordon, RYT, CHHP




I direct readers to the EU reply to the 5g appeal........



There are as usual two sides to everything and it is important that people have access to all information.

Please also note the disclaimer in the appeal document Ms Gordon posts which indicates these are the opinions of each individual, not the Universities to which they are affiliated....

Dr Michelle Sutter MD FRCS(C)