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Here is a list of Thetis Island Dogs & Cats, and their Owners along with Contact Information.  If a pet ever gets loose, or lost, we will now have a common record of our island's pets.  Postings are in alphabetical order.  If there are two last names for the owners, the last name that appears first alphabetically is the one the pet is listed under.

To have your pet(s) included on this list, please send the following: a clear photo of your pet - a good shot of its head or any identifiable markings would be great.  Send photo as a jpg.  

Include your name, your pet's name(s), phone number, lot number, and any other information about your pet. 

This is completely voluntary, but is working in other communities. As a safe guard for our much loved pets, we are happy to offer it on Thetis. 

Send information and photo(s) to: editor@thetisposts.ca


Ac, Monika & Peter

Brian is a 5 year old husky-greyhound cross who is a visitor of Thetis. He is very friendly, loves to play with other animals, wears a red collar and has a tattoo in his ear.

His parents are Peter and Monika who can be reached at 403-701-1732 or 403-880-3785.


Anderson, Tom & Gloria Taylor

Piper is a 2 year old Black Labrador Retriever.  She scares easily so may not come to you. She likes cookies. She has an ear tattoo and wears a blue collar.

Gloria and Tom 250-246-3091. 




Bannister, Kelly & Ron

Jessie, mixed breed, spayed female.

91 Pilkey Point Rd.  Thetis Island 250 246 9753



Beals, Nan

Buttons Beals lives with Nan at 246-4944

73 Pilkey Point Road cell:  618-2778

Tattoo K168A

4 year old calico (July 2015)

Buttons loves humans and likes to meet and greet all visitors.

She is acrobatic, playful and adventurous.  She enjoys being up in trees, on the roof, or in the rafters.  She is so quick I sometimes think there are two of her in different places at the same time. Her coat is black and tan with a mostly black tail. Her face, tummy, and paws are white.  She has a tan moustache with a black mark on her nose and jade green eyes.  She is much loved, for she has an affectionate nature but also a rascally and nutty personality.



Bieber, Esther & Ted

Zoey is a darling 2 year old female black and tan border-lab. She has the sweetest temperament and loves loves loves people. She barks and growls when she's happy and welcoming you to her house. 

She loves to play ball, swim in the ocean and lie in the sun!


She lives at Capernwray Harbour Bible Center


Ted and Esther Bieber

Mobile: 250-732-0048





Caldbeck, Jeannine & Dave Tarris

This is “HARRIET”, 2 years old in 2018.  Ear tattoo. Spayed female, solid and big, long-haired, and weighs over a stone (14 lbs). 

She started out as Boo but is so hairy the name Harriet stuck.

Atticus is a 2 year old (2018) neutered male, ear tattoo, short haired skinny runt brother to Harriet. 

“Spare Cat” A compact, diminutive spayed female with an ear tattoo, approx 10 years old.

Sager ~ tall and bouncy 5 yr. old pure bred black lab motivated by food and ball throwing

Sager isn't allowed to roam but once in awhile will sneak away and we immediately start driving around the island to find her.  She should have a collar on, with name and phone numbers.  Please call!
Jeannine or Dave: Lot 158A Pilkey Pt. Road  246-3876 cell 252-0544

Pemmican is a 7 year old solid orange/grey tabby spayed female who pretends she is feral if anybody comes around, but drools profusely when she purrs in your lap.  Both cats don't normally wander, but they're cats so they make up their own minds about rules.  Lot 158 A Pilkey Point Road, Jeannine Caldbeck or Dave Tarris  246-3876.  We would appreciate a call if seen injured on the road etc.


DeLong, Alana & Robert Spencer

Buster is a 4 year old Standard Poodle. He reigns over his humans, Alana DeLong and Robert Spencer, in his domain located at 220 Pilkey Point Road. He is very gentle and friendly and loves treats. He will bark, but only when his tail is wagging. Vicki next door calls him a barking deer. If you wish to leave him an adoring message, he can be reached at 780-246-7230.


Dickie, Ann & Bill

Contact 250-246-4079 Lot #294 Mission Road

Mariette ~ Standard Manchester Terrier, spayed female, about 20lbs, black & tan, 9 yrs old Oct 13, 2017 ~ will not come easily ~ may come within a few feet but doesn't like to be trapped.  Loves playing ball, will usually come for cookies. No road sense.

Lainie ~ Bernese Mountain Dog, spayed female, tri-colour, about 95 lbs., 7 yrs old July 1 2017. Lainie loves people and other dogs, will come when called, wears a collar.  Lainie is walked often, all over the island's west side. 

Delilah ~ mixed hound "junkyard dog" (literally) ~ spayed female ~ born April 2017.

Friendly, outgoing, usually well-behaved happy dog.  May be wary of strangers.  


2 Barn Cats:

Bamboo & Juniper ~ These tabby sisters spend their nights locked in our barn, and days keeping rodents away. They don't usually venture too far away.  Spayed females, born June 12, 2013.






Downey, Stu & Heather

Abby is a 3 year old Soft-coated Wheaton Terrier/Poodle mix. She lives at 107 Klahowya Rd. Super friendly, loves kids, has been known to follow people down our road. Her name and our cel on her tag 250 210-2789 or home 250 246-3311. 


Greene, Dave & Bev

We would like to register Ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee). She is a medium-sized Border Collie/Standard Poodle mix and is 10 years old. Owners are Bev and Dave Greene at 196 Pilkey Point Road, phone 250-246-3895