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How to Field or Dry Strip a Cigarette Butt: 

The fire damage done by a cigarette butt that hasn't been extinguished can be devastating. Even a cigarette butt that has been put out contributes to the litter problem that faces many communities. A simple solution to these problems is to field-strip a cigarette. 


1. Stub out a cigarette on a hard surface to extinguish it after you are finished smoking it.

2. Double-check to make sure that there are no remaining embers in the cigarette. If there are still embers, continue to stub the cigarette until it is completely out.

3. Gently knock the tobacco out of the cigarette by stubbing it against a hard surface.

4. Roll the remaining part of cigarette above the filter in between your fingers to loosen any tobacco that is still stuck inside of the cigarette.

5. Continue to stub and roll the cigarette until all of the tobacco has been removed. You will be left with the filter and the paper that held the tobacco.

6. Put the cigarette paper and filter into a trash can to dispose of it. If you don't have access to a trash can, put the paper and filter back in your cigarette pack or some other place where you can dispose of it later.

(Please note that the dried tobacco that you took out of the paper contains toxins and can harm plants or animals if disposed of on soil or where it can wash into soil or water.)

Fire Chief J. Caldbeck

Thetis Island Fire Dept.

Box 14-6, Thetis Island

BC, V0R 2Y0

cell:  250-252-0544


Quick Thinking Averts Stupidity Fire

The quick thinking of a visitor from Saskatchewan waiting in the ferry lineup and a Capernwray staff member with a bucket and a phone averted what could have easily become a serious incident this afternoon.  Around 1:15 pm someone carelessly flicked a cigarette butt into the peat moss at the side of the road by the ferry terminal.  The smouldering fire was spotted and the visitor emptied a can of pop onto it while the Capernwray staff member called 911 and filled an ice-cream bucket of water from her house and doused it further.  Eleven fire fighters and both fire engines responded to this near miss.  We were lucky this time.
Please urge walking and driving smokers to "dry strip" their butts and put them into ash trays.  This is only July.  We need to get through August and September...traditionally even drier months.  It can take only one careless butt to lose the island.


Community Fair ~ Saturday July 27th  

Come join the Soup's On crew for lunch on Saturday.  Take in an Aikido demonstration, peruse the boot sales and vendors, and have lunch with us!

We are serving sandwiches:  Ham and Swiss cheese, Tuna with sun-dried tomato, Havarti cheese and tomato, veggie wraps, and crisp green salad with our home made balsamic olive oil dressing.
Assorted drinks such as iced tea and soft drinks are available also for a reasonable amount.

We look forward to seeing you there!!


Walker Needed

Dear Thetis Islanders. My 80 yr old mother is coming to visit next Tuesday for a week and I'm wondering if anyone has a walker I can borrow. Or if someone can suggest a place in Duncan or Chemainus where I can rent one. Call  250-246-8176
Thanks! Ann Eriksson


Chimney Sweep coming to Thetis

Black Jack Chimney Sweep will be on Thetis Island in August.  Call 250 748 4011 for an appointment.


Summer Celebration at Recycle Yard

Join us Saturday August 3 to celebrate our fantastic community!
Enjoy ice cream at eleven!
Chat about your ideas with the SWMC Committee!
See the new Baler!


Community Church ~ Update for July 28th


Saturday's Community Fair ~ July 27th

at the Community Grounds
Come and join us for this Saturday's Fair!
Lots of great stuff to browse through, from artisans' wares to boutiques & boot sales!
Aikido demonstrations will be ongoing in the hall, so remember to drop by and watch these athletes practicing their martial art while you're at the fair.
The Community Cafe will be open as usual, for Hot & Cold Beverages, Muffins and the like from 10AM 'til 1PM.
Vendors: please arrive before 9:30AM to get signed in, assigned a site, and to set out your wares!
See y'all on Saturday :)



Something to Howl About!

Edith Hyatt's 90th Birthday Tea at Forbes Hall on Monday, August 5th, 2 to 4 pm.

Partly catered and partly pot-luck tea party finger food.  
Edith will happily accept best wishes and cards, but no gifts please.

Aikido Reminder ~ July 26th - 28th

July 26-28th is the Hope Invitational Aikido Seminar at Forbes Hall, hosted by Little Island Aikikai (our local Aikido club).

The event will bring high level Aikido instructors and practitioners from Vancouver Island and the Mainland. Classes for our Thetis Island kids Aikido program will be held from 3-5 pm on Friday, July 26th followed by an evening adults class. Adult classes continue all day Saturday as well as Sunday morning. The public is welcome to come and meet our guests and watch them practice their martial art.

Little Island Aikikai thanks TICA and all the community members who have come forward to help out in various ways to make this special event possible for our small community. 


Cell Phone Survey

Hello everyone, It is time for me to get a new cell phone contract as I am sure many of you have had to do over the years.
There are so many choices of providers and I note that reception is variable on the island depending on where you are.
It occurs to me that amongst us we have a wealth of information to assist in future choices regarding a cell phone provider in order to get the best coverage.
Rate plans and phones are different questions and will not be covered here.

I have created an online survey to hopefully answer some of the questions regarding cell phone coverage. Click on the link below to participate and thank you.

Results will be published here so we can all make better informed cell phone provider choices.

Thanks again :)
Peter Luckham


Quarterly ~ reminder & update

This is just a reminder that the deadline for the next Quarterly is coming up on the 5th of August.  If you have an event coming after that date, let me know so we can be sure to leave space for it.  And there's been a last minute switch - I will do this issue and Carol will do the Winter one, so please send all articles, pictures etc for the Fall Quarterly to me at, or call me at 250 246 1509 if you want to discuss anything.  Ads should be sent to Carol at by the 1st of August.  Thanks in advance for all those great stories you're about to send in... :-)

Veronica Shelford

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