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Christmas Concert, December 13th

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Solstice, December 22nd

Forbes Hall Expansion

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Thetis Island Improvement District

Planned Changes to the Firehall

Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

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Thetis Island Farm Producers
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Free Range Eggs Available

Yes, our chickens are still laying happy free range eggs.

Available 10 to 3 this Saturday while they last!


Marylyn & Chris


Baby Shower for Britt & Adam ~ December 1st ~ 3PM

On December 1 at 3pm, Sandy Hirtz & Kia are hosting a couples baby shower for Britt & Adam.  

Would love for you to join us if you can.  

Anything you want would be perfect.  They have little other than the bringing baby home basics.

Please spread the work to those you think would appreciate an invite.  I know little of Britt's friends, males are invited, too.

Britt & Adam are decorating the baby's room with a forest animal theme.  So the shower will have the same theme to welcome the wee, wild one.  Instead of a card, if possible, bring a book for the baby with a message inside.

Sandy Hirtz (Britt's mom)

Lot 94

Hollyberry Lane


Christmas Bazaar and Thetis Elementary School

The grade five students from Thetis Elementary School will be selling jam, apple sauce and fruit leather that they have made with Ms. Genny and Ms. Simone's help at the Bazaar on Saturday December 1st.  

The funds that are raised will be split in two. Half will be donated to a food bank on Vancouver Island and the other half will go to Thetis Elementary School for special purchases. 

Thank you to everyone from Thetis Island who donated fruit to our Elementary School for this endeavour. 

Genny Redman


Reminder - Christmas Bazaar

Don't forget the Christmas Bazaar is this Saturday December 1st.

10 am to 2 pm

Come for coffee, stay for lunch and leave with all your Christmas shopping done!

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Drink


Camera Club ~ Thursday, November 29th

Camera Club meets Thursday November 29th 7pm in the library.

Everyone welcome.


Thetis Island Marina: Friday Night Specials Menu

This week’s menu includes -

Pizzas (eat in or take out), Nachos & Beef Tacos

Regular Menu Also Available

Families and Groups Welcome

Reservations Recommended

Call us at 250-246-3464


Thank You, and Again...

Thank you for supporting the Community Paramedic Blood Pressure Clinic and meeting our new Community Paramedic Georgia Nelson this past Wednesday.  

It was such a success that she stayed later than her scheduled ferry to try to accommodate everyone.  

Georgia apologizes to those who had to wait for awhile, or had to leave early, and she will hold another Community BP/Sugars Clinic on the last Soups On in December….Wednesday December 12th, 11:15 to 12:45 pm.  

If you didn’t get to meet Georgia and ask about the Community Paramedic service that we are establishing on Thetis Island for home visits, please come out to Soups On, enjoy the great $5 meal, and have your BP checked and learn about the program.  

There are also pamphlets and referral sheets on the Library Table that explain the service and how to sign up.

And also many thanks to the Bridge Club, for graciously allowing Georgia to keep the Library space past 1 pm by setting up bridge tables n the big room.  We all appreciate the caring sharing of the space.



Rooster Available

Young, large sized, Heritage Mix Rooster (Australorp x Lavender Orpington) available to a new home,

or pot!

Available immediately (we already have a Barnvelder Rooster, and need to keep the two apart, which keeps our chicken house from operating efficiently).

We have a good sturdy box at the ready.  Perhaps in this time of Food Sustainability it could be your offering for an amazing Holiday meal.

Call Ann or Bill 250 246 4079



Referendum - Please Vote

BC is currently holding a referendum on what voting system we should use to elect members of the BC legislature (MLAs).  If you haven't yet voted in the referendum, please do so -- it's important for our democracy!

You can either mail your ballot or bring it in person to an Elections BC office (e.g., the Duncan or Nanaimo Service BC offices).  The deadline for receipt of ballots is now December 7, 2018.

In our current voting system, in each riding the candidate with the most votes is elected as an MLA. This system is simple, but it tends to leave smaller parties under-represented in the legislature (in theory a party could get 49% of the votes everywhere in BC without having any MLAs).

The referendum asks two questions:

(1) Should BC want to keep the current system, or change to some type of proportional representation system, and

(2) If BC adopts a proportional representation system, which of three different types do you prefer?

There's a brief explanation of the issues included in your voting package (which you should have gotten in the mail a few weeks ago).  For more information, see the Elections BC website

The CBC also has a nice "explainer" article on their website, with links to further information if you want it:


Needed: Book Pick Up in Victoria

If anyone is driving from Victoria to Thetis before Saturday and would be so kind as to pick up a box of books from my publisher (Cook and Pandora area), please call Ann at 250-246-8176. I would be most grateful to save the trip. I'm happy to contribute to gas/ferry.




Tuesday & Thursday Yoga Classes ~ Some Classes Cancelled

Hello my fellow yogini’s (& yogi’s), 

Due to conflicts in my schedule and an Islands Trust meeting there are several cancellations for Nov/Dec 2018.  I am cancelling Nov 29th (this Thursday) and also both classes in the week of Dec 11 & 13th both the Tuesday and the Thursday, one is IT and the other is my commitment. 

We will have yoga on Dec 4 & 6th, and Dec 18th & 20th and then I will take two weeks off for Christmas and New Year planning and be back on January 8th. 

I am interested to know if there are any islanders interested in a gentle, chair yoga practice for more gentle therapeutic yoga.  I have spent most of 2017 & 2018 healing from bulging and herniated discs in my spine and my yoga has changed significantly to be able to support what I am able to do know.  If that interests you please feel free to drop me an email at  

Thank you, and maybe see you at Solstice Celebrations to be announced soon – watch for the posters…

Dawn Gordon



In Search of World Atlas

My son is interested in having a World Atlas & I thought there might be one on Thetis not being used anymore.  If you'd be willing to part with yours please email me at



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