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Saturday, August 17


2019 Bat Count

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Forbes Hall Expansion

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Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

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Thetis Island Farm Producers
Thetis Island Community Fund
Thetis Island Community Association

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Feel free to send us bits & pieces of information and interest, photos to share and notices of upcoming events etc.

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Cement Pour ~ August 26th

Our pad will be poured on the 26th. Departing Chemainus on the 7:10 2 cement & 1 pumper truck will arrive on Thetis by 8 am and should be gone on the 11:10. 

R. Smith


Trailer Wiring

Looking to hire someone to do my trailer wiring.  

I think it’s relatively simple but I just don’t have the expertise. 

Please call or text 250-416-9771


Looking for a Dog-Sitter

Hi, we are looking for a dogsitter for our dog Django for this coming Saturday afternoon & evening (August 17th).

Django is an 18-month-old red heeler, very friendly and energetic. He loves kids, other dogs and cats.

Thank you in advance!

Anaïs & Travis

250 416 0674


Wednesday Blood Pressure Clinic

Our Community Paramedic will be at the Waste & Recycling site this Wednesday, August 14, from 9:30 (ferry/cement truck traffic dependent) to 11:30 for your monthly blood pressure check and to answer questions on health and lifestyle changes.



Free Stuff

- Two folding wood-and-string chairs, attractive and comfortable

   - Three fishing rod holders that can attach to your boat

   - Radio Shack "Realistic" brand Receiver, Cassette tape deck, vinyl record turntable, and two wood-framed speakers

For pictures of the above, see the ad at

   - Artificial Christmas tree, 7 ft. tall when assembled, comes apart into two 3.5ft lengths for storage, boxed.

   - Two pairs cross-country skis, one pair snowshoes

   - Dining Shelter (screened sides, rain-proof roof), 12'x12' footprint 

   - Six Glass display shelves, 9.5" wide, and two each of 45", 25.5" and 19.5"

   - Ceiling "pot lights"

   - Installation telephone wire, probably 200 ft. or so

410 Pilkey Point Rd.



Forbes Hall ~ Celine Valestrand

As I anticipated the latest annual Book and Bake Sale fundraiser for the library, I thought back to August 2013.  That was my first Book and Bake, and the day I became the island volunteer librarian. I was amazed at how smoothly the sale went.  Each year the volunteers continue to make it happen.  

Forbes Hall is now a large part of my world.  I spend a lot of time in the library/Hunter Room; have enjoyed exercise classes, Soup's On, and many other events at the Hall.  There are so many occasions to meet with islanders.  The Hall is truly a meeting place for the island residents and visitors.  I am looking forward to a beautiful new building.



TIRRA Solid Waste Parcel Tax Rebate Notice

Land owners paying property taxes on more than one Thetis Island property, may be eligible to receive a parcel tax rebate.

The original document can be viewed here.  

At the June TIRRA GM, the policy was reviewed as required annually. The policy, as is, was re-approved.

If you review the criteria, and believe you are eligible for rebate, please send your request to or mail your request to Box 18-7 Thetis Island.

A copy of this notice and the original Rebate Policy, have been posted on the Ferry Terminal bulletin board.

From your TIRRA Executive


Noisy Shield-Back Katydid

Hello ~

My name is Jennifer Heron and I'm writing a national status report for the Noisy Shield-back Katydid. This insect looks like a grasshopper/cricket and you'll probably notice it's loud song before you see the katydid. The males call during the day and start with a chirp chirp and then builds to a series of short rasping chirps; starting with a few notes per second but quickly increases the speed to a rapid flutter which is kept up for a long period.

There is a very old record (before 1920) of the Katydid on Thetis Island, and because the habitat on the island is not as urban/agricultural impacted as other areas on southeastern Vancouver Island, I'm hoping there may be a chance someone could have heard the species. It's unlike a cicada though, which is a very loud and constant bzzzzzzz in the tree tops.

Any information is most welcome, or advice from someone keen on iNaturalist or looking for insects/plants.

Thanks for your time,

Jennifer Heron 

 BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy


2019 Aug 9 Coastal Wildfire News


Cockerel Needs a Home

One very handsome 3 month old grey polish cockerel with frizzle genetics (although he's not frizzle) who has just found his voice.  

We're coming from the city on Sunday and can't have him here.  

Text for picture.  

If there are no takers we'll deal with him, but thought I would offer to save his life. 



Used Mugs Wanted

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some extra coffee and tea mugs. If you have any, please let me know or drop them off at my booth at the Jollity farm market this Saturday and Sunday! 

Thanks in advance,




Thetis Island Community Church

Norm Nicholson from Victoria will be speaking at Thetis Island Church on Sunday.

Service starts at 10am and everyone is welcome. Services are being held at Pioneer during the renovation. 


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