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Thank you to all...

The Summer Soiree and Art Auction was a big success!

Thanks to everyone who contributed art, easels, service items and other goodies for auction, bought tickets, sold tickets, catalogued art, set up ‘ Forbes Gallery’, bid on the art, prepared and cooked the delicious meal, poured the wine, sang and strummed the guitar, set up, cleaned up, mopped up and counted the money. Thank you, thank you, from the folks at the Thetis Island Community Fund and the Thetis Island Community Association.

Ellen Rush


Attending BC Ferries AGM ~ looking for local input...

I will be attending the BC Ferries AGM next week in Vancouver representing the Thetis Island FAC.  The Ferry Advisory Committee Chairs has a number of meetings scheduled, including one with ferry commissioner Gordon Macatee.  He has requested that each FAC chair speak to their local issues…so, at the risk of a deluge of information, I am seeking some input from you folks.  Each chair will have less than 5 minutes, so it will have to be short and to the point.

Some examples would be:

Gaps in the schedule: 10:35 to 1:20 leaving Thetis, 9:45 to 12:45 leaving Chemainus. Penelakut has similar gaps as well, 5:00 to 7:20 leaving Chemainus, 7:45 am to 10:15 am leaving Penelakut, and arriving in Chemainus from Penelakut 2:10 to 4:50 PM.  

Ability to maintain the schedule…in the morning particularly.

Lack of potable water on the ship…I know it is Chemainus water, and is fine to drink…but that is not what the signs say.

Timeliness of service notices…

Over length fares…

The continued need for commuter runs in the morning and evening.

Thanks in advance for your comments…

Keith Rush Ph: 250-416-0013


Looking for a Boat to Rent...


Lost at the Thetis Island Open Golf Tourney

Lost a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.  May have been left on the prize table and mistaken for a leftover prize.

Len Manuel


Extreme Fire Hazard ~ Effective August 12

We are moving to EXTREME fire hazard on Sunday.  Campfire Permits already issued for Sunday evening will still be allowed but no further permits are being issued.  

EXTREME HAZARD is 5 on a scale of 1 through 5, and North Cowichan has been in the EXTREME range for the past ten days.  

No outdoor open burns are allowed, including campfires, incinerators, fireworks etc.

Click here for Notes & Reminders from our Fire Chief


Trailer for Sale


Latest Edition of Wild Fire News now available


Recycling Orientation Sessions ~ 10AM Saturdays

Learn to face the strange Ch-Ch-Changes!

Perplexed by all the sorting changes at the Recycling?  Join us for General Orientation Sessions at 10am on Saturdays throughout August and September! 

Mark your Calendars for Special Guest Facilitator Ann Eriksson:

Everything you need to know about Plastic!

August 25, 10am

Ann has been researching Plastic; the health and environmental impacts of it's rampant use, and viable alternatives for the significant role plastic now plays in our society.  She's coming to share what she's been learning  with us: DON'T MISS OUT!

Recycling Changes in Brief:

There are several reasons why we have adopted new sorting practices at our community recycling hub.  As you may already know, the plastics and their associated numbers are all reprocessed differently, as well as the different types of paper products and metal.  With the appropriate equipment now on site we can decrease the volume of loads by compressing each type of material into bales.  Some of the materials are valuable resources that have the potential for revenue.  However, materials must be sorted thoroughly and properly for our system to receive income for these resources.   Revenue from our 'former waste' is integral to offsetting the cost of the system.

You can help reduce (or at least keep down) the operational costs associated with increased sorting by:

~ learning to recognize the different categories

~ taking the time to presort your recycling at home


~ bringing it to the site during open hours on Wednesday and Saturday.


Library Computer Cabinet looking for new home...


New Ads ~ utility trailer & generator for sale


Well, hello there !


August Sunset

Gloria Taylor

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