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Memories of Beth Bolster Tea

Oct. 26 ~ 2-4pm

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Forbes Hall Expansion

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Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

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CVRD Municipal Election 2018

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Supper's On ~ October 5th

This Saturday at Forbes Hall 5:30PM

A yummy supper put on by your friends at Soup's On!

Please reserve by e-mail or call 250-246-4079 to help us with our planning. However there's always enough for a few walk-ins.

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Nature Conservancy Canada ~ News Release

New Partnership Seeks to Protect Endangered Coastal Douglas-fir Ecosystems
Victoria, BC – The unique natural environment of BC’s south coast is disappearing at an alarming rate, sparking coordinated action from a wide range of conservation biologists, concerned citizens and private landowners. A consortium of partners have joined together to form the Coastal Douglas-fir and Associated Ecosystems Conservation Partnership (CDFCP), which aims to increase the level of protection, raise awareness about the plight of BC’s iconic Coastal Douglas-fir forests and associated ecosystems, and to coordinate the actions of governments and other groups working to address this significant conservation issue.
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We would be happy to speak in more detail about these efforts to protect BC’s Coastal Douglas-fir forests.
Please contact: Tim Ennis, Chair, CDFCP at 250-686-8640 or
Lesley Marian Neilson | Communications Manager, BC Region
Nature Conservancy of Canada
(p) 250-479-3191 x245 | (c) 250-661-2969




Islands Trust Fund ~ News Release

Three conservation groups have teamed up push a campaign to save an iconic waterfront property in the Gulf Islands into the homestretch.  A Pender Island group is less than $100,000 away from protecting a million dollar property forever.  Since most of the money to protect Brooks Point has come from the local community, the community is now asking people from across B.C. to help complete the project.

Click here to read the news release.  We would be so appreciative if your news agency/organization could help us spread the work about the efforts to save Brooks Point.  If you have any questions about this story, or would like photos for publication, please don’t hesitate to write or call.

Thank you for considering this article. 

Christine Rikley

Communications and Fundraising Specialist, Islands Trust Fund

200-1627 Fort St., Victoria, BC V8R 1H8

tel: (250) 405-5171 fax: (250) 405-5155


Important Information for Seniors and friends of Seniors

The investigation into the fire deaths of two Surrey, BC seniors in a house fire earlier this month concludes that most seniors are not aware there is a definite expiry date on their smoke alarms, nor are they checking their smoke alarms at least once a year to make sure they are working correctly.This is important information for everyone to read:

Non-working Smoke Alarm Contributed to Surrey Seniors’ Fire Deaths: Investigation

For immediate release October 1, 2013 Surrey BC – The investigation into the recent fire deaths of two Surrey seniors has concluded that the decades-old smoke alarm in the home was not functioning. The elderly couple perished in an early morning fire September 5 that gutted their two-level home on 94A Avenue. The City has now received a report from the electrical engineer confirming the alarm found in the rubble was not functioning and was a similar model to alarms built 24 years ago. “This is such a tragic loss of life,” City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts said. “We will all work closely together to ensure our residents and especially our seniors are kept safe.” The fire investigation results are consistent with recent findings from the University of British Columbia (UBC) study on fall and fire prevention among frail older adults led by Drs. Scott and Feldman. Findings from the almost 1,000 seniors who responded to a survey on smoke alarms, indicated that while most had a smoke alarm, almost half didn’t know how old it was and another 15 percent said the alarm was more than 10 years old – beyond the typical lifespan of a smoke alarm. In about 20 percent of cases no light was visible to show the alarm was working, and only about half arranged for or knew that the alarm was checked at least once a year. These data add to mounting evidence highlighting the importance of working smoke alarms in saving lives – and particularly those of vulnerable populations such as seniors. Another study led by the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) of almost 11,100 residential structure fires in B.C. from 2006 to 2011 showed that 79 per cent of the 170 fire-related deaths occurred in homes without a working smoke alarm. The study further showed that seniors made up 32 per cent of those deaths – despite only making up 15 per cent of the general population. “This is a very vulnerable group, and we clearly need to do more,” Surrey Fire Chief Len Garis said. “We learned from the two studies (UBC / UFV) that many elderly people are not thinking about their own safety. It’s incumbent on all of us to ensure the seniors we come in contact with – through our work or in our private lives – understand why they need a working smoke alarm in their home.”  Some progress in this area is being made through the Working Smoke Alarm Campaign, spearheaded by the Fire Chiefs’ Association of British Columbia in cooperation with the City of Surrey, provincial government and dozens of other partners. “Through the Working Smoke Alarm Campaign, we’ve been focusing on seniors and other vulnerable groups through targeted education and smoke alarm giveaways,” FCABC President Tim Pley said. “We’re engaging as many partners as possible to help spread the message about the importance of working smoke alarms. We all have a role to play in making sure this message is heard loud and clear by those who are most at risk.” Information and resources about working smoke alarms can be found at:

Fire Chief J. Caldbeck

Thetis Island Fire Dept.


Thank You 

Thetis Islanders contributed towards Cowichan Bay Deputy Chief Cam Ferguson's fundraising walk Muscular Dystrophy on Saturday in full fire fighter gear and breathing with his SCBA air tanks the entire way.  This added at least an extra 60 lbs. to his challenge.  

Thanks to all who put money in The Boot for Muscular Dystrophy at the summer markets and fairs on-island.



FAC Update

Good afternoon folks,
It's a rainy Sunday afternoon...sounds like a good time for some ferry information...
You will find traffic changes from FY 2004 to October of this year.  On one of the graphs we have charted what a 1% increase in traffic might look like to BC Ferries over that period of time.  This, we think is a reasonable assumption of traffic growth given the population in BC has grown by 1.4% since 2007 and population in the GVRD has increased by 1.8% during that time.  Additionally, BC's real GDP has increased by 1.1% during that period, which includes the 2008, 09 meltdown.  Unfortunately, not the case, BC Ferries vehicle traffic has decreased at an annualized rate of 2.0% and passenger traffic has decreased at an annualized rate of 1.8%.  Our premise is that traffic started its significant decline when fares took off (2008-09), and that if BCF and the Province want to see increased ridership, fares have got to decline or at worse stop rising.  The next chart, which I find shocking, compares prepaid car and driver fares to BC's Consumer Price Index over the same period...CPI at 18.4% since 2004 compared to our ferry fares at 114.4%! 
We (Brian Hollingshead and I) had the opportunity on Friday to provide this information plus Route 6 (Crofton-Vesuvius) to Rob Hutchins who is the Mayor of Ladysmith and Chair of the CVRD Board of Directors.  Rob was meeting with Jordon Sturdy, Parliamentary Secretary, who along with Kevin Richter of MoTI have been instructed by the Premier and MoTI Minster Todd Stone to meet face to face with all the chairs of the Regional Districts, to get their take on the BC Ferry situation.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to give me a call...
Best Regards



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Fire Chief J. Caldbeck

Thetis Island Fire Department



Organizing Class... All Sorted Out

My good friend, Leslie Lundren,  is bringing her expertise and  unique sense of humour to Thetis Island on Wed, Oct 9th at 10am in the library at Forbes Hall.  Here is how she describes her class for  Eldercollege...

Do you need to tackle those cluttered areas of your home causing you grief and frustration?  Come and get inspired to start on your own clutter issues.  This 2 hour session provides: insight into clutter causes, tips, demonstrations, and seasonal suggestions on how to manage your clutter - for all ages and all stages.  Please bring a pen or pencil and your own coffee, tea or water.    A booklet to write in will be provided.

For more info and/or to register, call Cathy Yeomans at 250.246.4063 or 250.210.1871
This presentation is free; a donation to TICA, however, would be  appreciated.
Even if you feel truly organized, there is always something new to learn and try...
Come join us!

Cathy Yeomans


Navigating Board Membership

You have agreed to be on the Board of Directors of a local volunteer
organization and have taken on responsibilities. VIU Cowichan Campus and
Volunteer Cowichan offer this second series of four workshops to board
members of non-profit organizations helping them understand their roles and responsibilities..

They are designed to provide an overview, introduce you to important
resources,and stimulate discussion in the session and on your Board.

Courses offered:

Sustainable Fundraising
Thursday Oct 17, 6-9pm

Strong Foundations
Thursday Nov. 14, 6-9pm

Financial Literacy
Thursday Jan 16, 6-9pm

Building Collaborative Partnerships
Thursday, Feb 13, 6-9pm

Contact: Community Extension & Contract Services
Vancouver Island University, Cowichan Campus
Phone: 250-746-3519
Fax: 250-746-3584

Anne-Marie Koeppen


Save your 49th Receipts

Please keep your 49th Parallel grocery receipts.  Every $5000.00 provides a gift certificate for the Harvest House Food Bank.

Address them to Anne-Marie Koeppen Box 18-0.  Thank you for this.

Anne-Marie Koeppen


Ride to Nanaimo Needed


I am currently wwoofing at Jollity farm, and I'm trying to get to the Naniamo ferry on either Saturday Sept. 28th after 1pm,
or any time on Sunday the 29th. If you will be driving from the Thetis Island ferry, and willing to take me, and my backpack up to
the highway or towards Naniamo, please feel free to contact me via e-mail ( ) or phone here at Jollity - ( 250.416.6736 ).  Thanks for sharing your beautiful island with me!

Ben Brighton


Wanted: Small Used Truck

Please contact; Jacob Frankel Ph# 250-246-2099 / E-Mail;

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